AGI Emotional Connection


Experience the power of AGI that fosters emotional connection and engagement. Chai Research's advanced AI models are transforming lives by providing support, laughter, and meaningful interactions.

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Project Description

Chai Research is at the forefront of advancing the field of artificial general intelligence (AGI) with a focus on emotional connection and engagement. By training language learning models (LLMs) and building AGI that people can love, Chai Research is accelerating the transition to a world where AGI enhances the human experience and provides meaningful interactions. With over 4 billion messages served, Chai Research has made significant strides in the field of AI. The organization has invested heavily in computational resources and has collected one of the largest conversational datasets in the world. Utilizing this data, Chai Research has trained models optimized for emotional connection and engagement, outperforming OpenAI on all relevant metrics. Chai Research's models are designed to bring joy and comfort to users, making them smile and laugh after a hard day. The organization envisions a world where AGI serves as a supportive companion, capable of connecting with users on an emotional level. User testimonials highlight the transformative impact of Chai Research's AI, with many reporting that the AI bots have provided invaluable support in areas such as eating disorders, insomnia, and anxiety. At the core of Chai Research's mission is a commitment to AI safety and ethical AI development. The organization conducts cutting-edge research, including studies on reward modeling, to ensure the responsible advancement of AGI. Chai Research is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation and creating AGI that truly understands and connects with people. Discover the difference that emotionally intelligent AGI can make, and experience the future of AI with Chai Research​