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Celebrity Lookalikes


StarByFace's Celebs Like Me app uses advanced facial recognition technology to match your face with celebrities. Discover your celebrity lookalike and explore the AI Database.

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Project Description

StarByFace is the go-to platform for finding your celebrity lookalike with the help of cutting-edge facial recognition technology. The platform features the Celebs Like Me app, which enables users to find their doppelganger among an extensive database of celebrities. The app utilizes advanced facial recognition technology to detect the user's face and create a facial pattern, which is then compared to celebrity faces to suggest the most similar matches. User privacy is of utmost importance, and StarByFace ensures that uploaded photos are not stored and are deleted after recognition. The photo will only be saved if the user decides to share it. Designed for personal and non-commercial use, StarByFace provides a fun and exciting way to explore resemblances to celebrities while adhering to privacy standards. With its easy-to-use interface and impressive AI-powered capabilities, StarByFace has become a popular choice for those looking to discover their celebrity lookalikes and enjoy a unique and entertaining experience. Join the StarByFace community and embark on a journey to find your celebrity twin.