Cedille is your ultimate writing assistant, powered by the most advanced AI models. Generate, summarize, and rewrite your texts within seconds with our easy-to-use online platform. With over +1,000,000 texts already generated, our specialized text generation model rivals even the GPT-3 multilingual model. Try Cedille now and experience the full potential of our trained NLP skills for your project. Developed in Switzerland by Coteries, Cedille is based on the best market-leading language models, including our own custom models. API access, blog, and contact information available. Privacy policy and terms of service apply.

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Project Description

If you're looking for a writing assistant that can help you generate, summarize, and rewrite your texts, look no further than Cedille. This powerful AI tool makes writing easier than ever before, allowing you to quickly and easily create high-quality content with ease. With Cedille, you'll have access to a powerful artificial intelligence that can help you rework your content quickly and accurately. Already, Cedille has generated over 1,000,000 texts, and users are singing its praises. Carlos from @MCarlosUCC has called Cedille's #Cedille technology the best model out there, while Alexan Vorritold from @avorritold says that Cedille has taken over writing business proposals at his company. Cedille uses the best market-leading language models, and they've even created their own custom models that are open source for others to use. If you want to test the full potential of trained NLP skills for your project, try Cedille out for yourself. And best of all, Cedille is backed by the Google TRC program and is based on the GPT-J model developed by EleutherAI, ensuring that you're getting access to the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence technology. So if you're tired of struggling with your writing and want an easier, more creative option, try Cedille today!