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Facetune is the ultimate selfie editor and AI avatars generator. With one-tap editing tools, enhance your selfies, retouch videos, and express your unique style.

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Project Description

Facetune is the premier selfie editor app for both iPhone and Android users. This app offers a comprehensive set of tools to enhance every selfie, enabling users to effortlessly level up their photos and videos with one-tap editing. With Facetune, let your visual content shine and captivate your audience. As an AI avatars generator, Facetune opens up a whole new world of characters based on you. The app allows you to generate AI selfies and discover what your AI-created avatar will look like. Whether it's for fun, self-expression, or sharing on social media, the AI avatars generator is a creative way to explore new possibilities. Experiment with the top selfie editor in the world and bring your unique vision to life. With an array of tools designed to help you shine, Facetune enables you to whiten your teeth, add glow, and transform casual selfies into artsy shots. The app's precise tools are created just for you to express your unique self and style. In addition to photo editing, Facetune also features a powerful video editor. Discover endless opportunities to elevate the look and style of your selfie videos. Edit one frame of your video for that perfect look and seamlessly apply it to the entire video. Achieve that studio look and feel by retouching your videos like a pro, touching up your makeup, or experimenting with entirely different looks. The app also lets you express yourself by trying out new eye or lip colors and applying filters to make your video completely your own. Facetune is a one-stop shop for self-expression, content creation, and sharing your story. Whether you're a casual selfie-taker or a social media influencer, Facetune offers the tools and features to help you make a lasting impression. Join the Facetune community, and elevate your selfie game to new heights