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B12 Website Builder

B12 is the best AI website builder for professional services, powering businesses with all the tools necessary to attract, win, and serve clients online. Get a power-packed website builder, industry-specific website draft, and an expert team to tailor and publish your site. With B12, create a credible online presence, connect easily with leads and clients, and serve up seamless online client experiences. Strengthen client relationships, scale sales, and get paid faster with invoicing and online payments. Join over 150,000 businesses who trust B12 and build your free site today with no credit card required.

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Project Description

B12 is a platform that enables professional service providers to create, maintain, and scale their online presence with an AI-powered website builder. It offers an all-in-one solution to help you attract, win, and serve clients by providing power-packed website building tools that streamline your business operations. With B12, you get a website that not only wows but helps you build credibility and maintain a seamless online client experience. Building a website can be time-consuming, but B12 ensures you don’t have to spend hours on it. Its AI-powered platform delivers an industry-specific website draft automatically, followed by a team of experts in copywriting, design, and launch to help tailor and publish your site. This means you can save time and focus on running your business instead of building a website yourself. Your online presence speaks volumes about your business, and B12 helps you let visitors know you’re the real deal. With a custom domain, email forwarding, branded templates, and industry-relevant imagery, the B12 website builder helps you establish a credible online presence that is professional and visually appealing. Connecting with leads and clients is crucial, and B12 makes it easy for you to connect by embedding contact forms, online appointment scheduling, and marketing automation tools. You’ll have fewer missed connections with website visitors and be able to sell online in just a few clicks. B12 also helps to strengthen client relationships with integrated contact management, email marketing, and contracts with eSignatures. You and your team can serve up online client experiences that feel seamless, creating a website that serves as your online hub to better engage with clients. Invoicing clients can be a headache, but with B12, you can invoice directly from your website and let clients check out and pay you online. No more chasing down checks or manual deposits, the B12 website builder enables you to transform how you do business and create a website to start selling your services online. With over 150,000 businesses choosing B12, you can count on a reliable, secure, and fully-supported website builder. B12 uses the latest technology and tools, like TLS certificates for your site, to protect your information and give your clients peace of mind. You also get access to unlimited expert support by phone, email, or chat. Take the stress out of website building and build a professional website with B12. Start by building your free site today, with no credit card required. B12’s website builder is the best option for professional services, and with B12, you’re in good hands.