3D Avatar Creator


Bring your stories to life with Avaturn, an AI-powered tool that generates realistic 3D avatars from your selfie. Customize and animate your avatars with ease, and make them game-ready for Unity and Unreal applications.

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Project Description

Avaturn is an innovative AI-powered platform that allows users to create fully rigged and game-ready 3D avatars from a simple selfie. With Avaturn, users can effortlessly transform their selfies into highly customizable and realistic avatars with a wide array of body types, hairstyles, clothes, and accessories to choose from. The platform provides an intuitive interface and user-friendly experience that makes it easy for users to create unique avatars that represent their personal style. The avatars generated by Avaturn are fully rigged and ready for animation, making them compatible with major animation software, including Unity and Unreal applications. Users receive a .glb file when an avatar is created, enabling seamless integration into web and gaming environments. Avaturn is an invaluable resource for creative individuals, game developers, and content creators seeking a reliable and efficient way to bring their characters and stories to life. In addition to its avatar creation capabilities, Avaturn offers a range of valuable resources, including helpful documentation, a Discord community for idea sharing, and a LinkedIn page for networking with other Avaturn users. Users can also stay up-to-date with the latest features, supported apps, and games through the Avaturn newsletter. Avaturn is free to use, and its AI-driven technology ensures that every avatar created is of the highest quality and authenticity. Whether you're a professional animator, a game developer, or simply someone who loves to experiment with creative self-expression, Avaturn offers an unparalleled platform for generating 3D avatars that bring your imagination to life. Experience the power of AI-driven avatar creation with Avaturn today.