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OpenArt is a workspace for personalized AI models that empowers artists, marketers, writers, and game developers to create high-quality images and designs with ease. Discover how AI can elevate your creative potential and supercharge your productivity through training your models and applying style packages to your prompts. Generate hundreds of original images for your personalized models in seconds. Whether you need custom avatars, marketing creatives, or art style ideation, OpenArt has got you covered. Explore our designer's idea engine, the secret weapon for marketers, and game developer's toolbox to see how AI can transform your work. Train your models, unleash your creativity, and take your art to the next level with OpenArt.

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Project Description

OpenArt is a game-changing solution that unlocks new creative potential and pushes the boundaries of what's possible in art. Using generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, OpenArt Workspace allows you to train and generate imaginary images of your subject, be it a person, animal, object, or art style. With hundreds of high-quality AI-generated images available in seconds, you can supercharge your creativity and take your art to the next level. At OpenArt, we believe that personalized AI models are the new muse for artists. Whether you are a fashion designer, writer, marketer, or game developer, AI can be your secret weapon to elevate your art to new heights. To give you inspiration, we have compiled a list of case studies of how artists are using AI to create masterpieces in different fields. If you are a designer seeking new ideas or a marketer looking to create branded and customized marketing creatives at scale, OpenArt has got you covered. With our style packages and presets, you can quickly ideate in your own art style and generate hundreds of photos for advertising, or get amazing AI avatars with 500+ styles. To get started, simply upload your photos, select your style package or preset, and start training your AI model. Our Workspace is easy to use, and you don't need any coding skills to get started. And if you ever have any questions or concerns, our helpful team is always available to assist you via email, Discord, or our Prompt Book and Prompt Template resources. With OpenArt, you can own the rights of the generated images, and they are entirely private. You can use AI-generated images for commercial purposes, too. Although AI-generated photos may not resemble you at first glance, you can refine your model by following the guidelines listed on the training page. Finally, we offer a subscription for purchase to keep your models longer, and you can even download the model checkpoint file and use it locally to generate images. OpenArt is always finding ways to help you become more creative and productive, so join us today and start your AI revolution!