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Discover the latest in AI tools with AI Tool Guru - the largest directory of AI tools. Find tools easily with our fast search function and stay up to date with all things AI by joining our community on social media. Set up your private profile to rate and comment on tools. Get news and education in one place with our daily updates. Browse through over 2705 recently added AI tools and filter by category or sort by new, verified, popular, recommended, or free. Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss out on the newest innovations in AI.

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AI Tools Guru provides the ultimate resource for artificial intelligence tools news and education. Whether you’re looking for an eCommerce tool to boost your sales, a legal assistant to streamline your work, or fun gaming tools to entertain you, our directory has over 2705 AI tools available across a wide range of categories. Our community is always up-to-date with the latest news in the AI world, so stay tuned by joining us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Discord, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Our menu allows you to find AI tools fast and easy with filters for new, verified, popular, recommended, and free tools. We have tools for personal and professional use, including AI search engines, design, marketing, testing & QA, fitness, travel, dating, religion, copywriting, email marketing, and more. Our recently added AI tools allow you to generate 4-minute AI compositions with Musenet, write marketing copy 10x faster with Octie, and create custom AI chatbots with Share your opinions and ratings with our community by setting up your private profile to rate and comment on the AI tool. Plus, subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest news and updates on the AI world. Discover the power of AI today with AI Tools Guru!