Text2Image AI


Discover the potential of AI-generated art with, a free and easy-to-use program that transforms text into stunning images. Explore unlimited artistic possibilities with this open-source AI art tool.

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Project Description is a revolutionary platform designed to bridge the gap between creativity and technology. As an innovative text2image AI software, empowers users to transform written text into visually captivating images with the power of artificial intelligence. Whether you're an artist, designer, or simply someone looking to explore new avenues of creative expression, is the perfect tool for you. The process is simple: write what you want, and will paint it for you. Users have the freedom to create unlimited images for free, making it an ideal solution for both personal and commercial use. Developed with the free version of the Unity Game Engine and implementing Stable Diffusion AI, is an open-source program that invites users to become part of a vibrant and collaborative community. is designed to be accessible and easy to use. By providing a straightforward installation process and an intuitive interface, the program ensures that AI-generated art is within reach for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. Compatibility with Windows 10 and Nvidia graphics cards ensures a seamless experience for users who meet the requirements. In addition to its user-friendly nature, also allows for fast iterations, making it easy for users to explore and perfect their artistic vision. While creating the perfect picture may take some experimentation, makes it a fun and enjoyable journey. The project, initiated by Sunija, a game developer from Munich, is motivated by a passion for making AI art accessible to all. Licensed under the MIT license and supported by a dedicated team, is a testament to the limitless potential of AI-powered creativity. Join today and start exploring your creativity with AI-generated art that knows no bounds​